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May 15, 2024

Cambridge EVO Updates A Retro-Inspired Audio Upgrade

Cambridge EVO Updates A Retro Inspired Audio Upgrade

Cambridge EVO Updates A Retro-Inspired Audio Upgrade

Introducing the EVO Line Upgrades

Cambridge Audio a well-known audio equipment manufacturer recently announced a series of interesting updates to its EVO product line. The EVO 75 and EVO 150 models are designed to receive a significant upgrade, including the addition of a much-anticipated feature - VU counters.

VU counters, or audio unit counters, are classic analog displays that are often seen on older built-in speakers. These popular gestures provide users with a visual representation of the sound level, adding a touch of old charm to the listening experience. With this over-the-air update, EVO owners will now have the option to switch between VU counters and album art displays, allowing them to customize the aesthetic of their audio settings.

The EVO 150 DeLorean Edition

But the news doesn't stop there. Cambridge Audio also unveiled its first product in collaboration with Delorion Motor Company – EVO 150 Delorin Edition. This special edition is inspired by the famous Delorin DMC-12, the legendary sports car included in the Back to the Future franchise.

The EVO 150 Delorin edition has a full silver body, mimicking the polished stainless steel chassis of the Delorin DMC-12. The design creates a strong sense of nostalgia, taking consumers to the aesthetic aspects of the eighties and the future of the Delorin brand.

Cambridge EVO Updates A Retro-Inspired Audio Upgrade

Retro-Futuristic Design Elements

The Delorin version goes even further in paying tribute to the classic car. The unit is equipped with detachable side grilles that can either mimic the dmc-12's front grille or replace it with polished aluminum panels that include the new Delorian logo. This focus on detail allows users to customize the look and feel of the EVO 150, embracing a truly retro-futuristic environment.

Cambridge Audio's marketing for the Delorian version emphasizes the relationship with the Back to the Future franchise, noting that consumers can "take on the memorable journey of the '80s with an aesthetic style that reflects the front grille of the classic Delorian logo" or "the upcoming Delorian Edition may return to the future with polished metal panels containing the modern logo of the ultra-luxury sports car

Functionality Remains Unchanged

It's important to note that the Delorion version is a purely cosmetic upgrade while retaining all functionality similar to the standard EVO 150 model. Users will still enjoy watching the same high-quality audio performance, streaming capabilities, and album art as the original version. The Delorin version simply adds a unique visual mood to the sound setting and caters to those who appreciate old-fashioned design.
Cambridge EVO Updates A Retro-Inspired Audio Upgrade

Embracing Nostalgia and Innovation

Cambridge Audio's updates on the EVO line demonstrate the brand's commitment to embrace, both nostalgia and innovation. The addition of VU counters takes advantage of the enduring appeal of older audio devices while the Delorian edition offers a fresh look at classic aesthetics attracting those looking to touch on the old-fashioned futuristic style in their audio setup.

These updates demonstrate Cambridge Audio's ability to adapt to the growing preferences of its users, combining the timeless appeal of analog design with the innovative capabilities of their EVO line. With these new features and the introduction of limited edition models, the brand has long been poised to attract the attention of both music lovers and those looking for a unique and visually stunning audio experience.


Recent updates to Cambridge Audio's EVO line are a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and understanding of the audiophilic community. The addition of VU counters and the introduction of the Delorian Edition EVO 150 provide interesting new ways for users to customize their audio settings and embrace nostalgia while embracing the future of audio technology.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Cambridge Audio or a newcomer to the brand, these updates will definitely interest you and offer a new perspective on the world of high-quality audio devices. As the audio landscape continues to evolve, it's clear that Cambridge Audio is poised to lead the way with the best combination of past and present to provide an unparalleled listening experience.

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