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May 21, 2024

Black Goto Hd Receiver Software Update

China Satellite Black Goto Receiver with This Easy Software Update

Black Goto Hd Receiver Software Update

The latest software for China satellite Black Goto receivers The Black Goto Receiver has been you USB through the process of updating its software to new features and performance

 Download the Software Black Goto Receiver

first step in the process is to download the latest software update for your Black Goto Receiver. You can find the download link in the post, or by visiting the provided Mediafire link save the file easily accessible on your computer

Update Process Turn on Your Black Goto Receiver and Go to System Settings. Look for the Option to Update the Software, and Select It. Your Receiver Will Then Proceed to Read the Data and Begin the Update Process don't power turn off your receiver

Optimize Your Channel Settings

Now software update is complete it's time to fine-tune your channel settings Start by checking the antenna list your satellite is properly selected. In this case Paksat 38E satellite.

Activate IPTV

the new software update also allows you to enable IPTV functionality on your Black Goto Receiver This now accesses of internet based TV channels, opening a new world of entertainment options

To activate IPTV simply navigate to the appropriate settings menu and follow the on-screen instructions. With IPTV enabled from live sports to the latest movies and TV shows

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